Ok, let’s be honest, if I take a look at the last time a post something on my blog a kind of strange mixture of feelings arise in me. At the beginning I started with the crazy ambition to write every week, just after my first post in my mind, I start to say “ok maybe not every week, let’s do it every month” … ah foolish!
I wrote only two posts, one in 2015 and one in 2016 … so yes one per year, I think is a new record in the blogsphere.
I can try to find any excuse for it, but the truth is that I had simply been afraid to write down something too stupid, or not useful at all… on top of this in the evening I’m sooooo tired, the last thing I want to do is write and on the weekend I usually train a lot (triathlon curse), try to clean my little home and if possible try to recover for the next week …. so yeah, you get the picture 😉
Two days ago was talking with a colleague of mine that he also has a blog, and he simply told me

Writing articles is easy if you are writing because you want to share something. It’s really hard if you are just writing an article because you need content.

You know what? He’s right!
Too many times I thought to prepare a cool article on android programming stuff, but too often I failed miserably cause I started from the wrong assumption that I should fill my blog with specific content.
I should fill my blog with things that I want to share, period!
My blog is dead, long live my blog!

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