Again just want to report a silent change that has been deployed on the Android WebView component starting from the 75 version.
If by any chance are you using a WebResourceResponse you could use the following constructor

public WebResourceResponse(String mimeType, String encoding, InputStream data)


public WebResourceResponse(String mimeType, String encoding, int statusCode, @NonNull String reasonPhrase, Map responseHeaders, InputStream data)

Please be sure that if the data input stream has a mime type, the corresponding mime type is passed during the creation.

This cause according to the WebView team

WebView team's expectation is still for apps to specify valid MIME types, and we do not explicitly support null MIME types

If you pass a null mime type a blank page is displayed.

It’s a pity that from the logs there was any warning about this, indeed for the previous WebView versions the MIME type was inferred from the stream but with the latest updates this is not valid anymore, I agree that passing a null value is not a good idea but still I’d rather have some warning about this instead of opening a support ticket and wait to find out what’s happening …

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